TAXI - Netflix

South Korean talk show presented by Lee Young-ja and Oh Man-seok.

TAXI - Netflix

Type: Talk Show

Languages: Korean

Status: Running

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: None

TAXI - Share taxi - Netflix

A share taxi (also called shared taxi) is a mode of transport which falls between a taxicab and a bus. These vehicles for hire are typically smaller than buses and usually take passengers on a fixed or semi-fixed route without timetables, but instead departing when all seats are filled. They may stop anywhere to pick up or drop off their passengers. Often found in developing countries, the vehicles used as share taxis range from four-seat cars to minibuses. They are often owner-operated. The UITP term “informal transport” includes share taxis.

TAXI - Indonesia - Netflix

Angkutan Kota abbreviated Angkot or Mikrolet are share taxis in Indonesia widely operating throughout the country usually with Mini vans. In some places there are also three-wheelers which are called Bemo (such as autorickshaws based on the Daihatsu Midget). The older version of Angkot is called Oplet. The name of this transportation differs from each different province or area in the country. In Jakarta, it is called Angkot, in other parts such as in Sulawesi, the term Mikrolet shortened Mikro is more widely used especially in Manado. In Makassar it is called “Pete-Pete”, in Malang it is called “Angkota”, in Medan it is called “Sudako”. It runs accordingly with its exact routes and passengers can stop the van anywhere according to its destination, and is not required to stop at a bus stop or station.

TAXI - References - Netflix