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Yu Jin was raised within the desert tribes of Xiong Nu, although her foster father is a Han. Under certain circumstances, she was forced to flee to Chang'an, the then capital of Early Han Dynasty,changing her name to Jin Yu along the way . Along her journey, she meets first the calm and kind Mo Xun (aka Jiu Ye, ninth master) , and later the handsome, cold, general Wei Wu Ji . Jin Yu falls for one, but was rejected. Will she untangle her love knot? Who will she choose in the end?

Sound of the Desert - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2014-10-01

Sound of the Desert - Sound of the Desert (TV series) - Netflix

Sound of the Desert (Chinese: 风中奇缘) is a 2014 Chinese television series based on the historical romance novel Ballad of the Desert by Tong Hua. It stars Cecilia Liu, Eddie Peng and Hu Ge. The series aired on Hunan TV from 1 October to 27 November 2014.

Sound of the Desert - Synopsis - Netflix

Jin Yu (Cecilia Liu), an orphan girl of Xiongnu ethnicity, was raised by wolves in the desert, until a Han Chinese decided to adopt her. Two years later, following the death of her adoptive father due to political changes, she decides to follow the man's wish and flees to Jian'an, the capital of Western Han Dynasty, changing her name to Xin Yue. Along her journey, she meets Mo Xun (Hu Ge), a calm and kind disabled man, and later the handsome, cold general Wei Wu Ji (Eddie Peng). In Jian'an, thanks to her determination, Xin Yue becomes the head of a dance house and helps a quiet girl named Qin Xiang (Fala Chen) to meet the Emperor. Qin Xiang then turns into the Emperor's most powerful concubine and schemes against Xin Yue. In the meantime, Xin Yue's past with the Xiongnu catches up with her when she meets her childhood friend, Hu Wei Li (Qin Hao), who is now the Ruler of the Damo plains. While battling against the onslaught of her painful childhood memories and the political intrigue of the royal family, Xin Yue must also choose between Mo Xun and Wei Wu Ji.

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