Quickies In My Kitchen - Netflix

In her brand new series, Quickies In My Kitchen, ex-rock'n'roll singer and super cook Anna Gare is back in the kitchen showing viewers the food she loves to cook for her friends and family.

This 13-part series has been produced exclusively for LifeStyle FOOD to show timepoor families how to prepare effortless meals with loads of flavour. Anna's accessible, no-fuss approach to food produces recipes that take the minimum of time, fuss and cost, while still looking good and tasting great.

Anna's recipes have wow factor and are easily accessible for any novice cook to tackle. From a classic Chicken Casserole with a twist to a recipe for a Truly Great Chocolate Cake, Anna shares her time-saving hints and tips while still preparing tasty meals. Anna also has advice on what to look for when buying fresh produce.

In each episode Anna invites a guest into her kitchen to help cook and have a chat. They also prepare a quickie of their own for Anna. Over the series, her guests include Olympian Raelene Boyle; Professor Fiona Wood AM; actor/comedian and Anna's brother-in-law Sam Longley; Grammy Award winning musician and radio presenter, Lucky Oceans; comedian Fiona O'Loughlin; and celebrity chef Ian Parmenter.

Anna talks with her guests about their passion for food and their own favourite quick meals, while they sit at her kitchen bench. There is fun and lots of natural laughs, the way you would when friends drop by and join you in the kitchen.

Quickies In My Kitchen - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2010-05-13

Quickies In My Kitchen - Cunt - Netflix

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Quickies In My Kitchen - Radio - Netflix

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